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Intimate Health Videos

Many women tell us that, even in the “Age of Dr. Google,” there is still so much that they wonder about when it comes to their intimate health. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from Dr. Nardone’s intimate health tutorial series.

Meet Dr. Nardone

Dr. Adelaide Nardone is a board-certified obstetrician/gynaecologist located in New York City and has been a practicing clinician for over 25 years. She is fully committed to women’s health and overall wellness and approaches her patients with enthusiasm and optimism. Dr. Nardone also has a tremendous passion for educating and empowering others with knowledge and understanding in health related areas. We are excited to give women access to Dr. Nardone’s experience and expertise through these short video tutorials. She's straight-talking and no-nonsense. So click play and get ready to hear her tell it like it is. It’s our hope that every women leaves confident that she has the knowledge and the products she needs to improve her intimate health.

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