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Real Women, Real Reviews

We asked real women who have used Vagisil products to tell us what they actually think about intimate care and how our products performed.

Liz, 38
Dual Action Intimate Wipes

“After giving birth to two kids, I'm definitely more conscious of my vaginal health. I'm constantly on the go. If you have something that's quick and easy like the Vagisil wipes...they're gentle, cool, refreshing, soothing...knowing they're in my bag I can go on with my day with confidence.”

Brandi, 28
Vagisil UltraFresh Intimate Wash

“I love the Vagisil UltraFresh Wash because it's important to me to have something that's going to last all day long. I don't want to be worried that I need to take a shower when I just want to plop down on my couch and hang out with my guy. With Vagisil Wash I feel like I have an added layer of protection there that I don't normally have.”

Charle, 31
Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash

“For me balance is everything. In my life, my love life, my work needs to be balanced. And in vaginal health especially, I like to use the Vagisil pH Balance Wash, because if your pH balance is off, you're off. Vagisil pH Balance Wash makes me feel protected.”