Soothes itch and irritation.
Relief. Confidence. Only from Vagisil.
The fact is, your intimate skin is delicate and sensitive and not all wipes are made with your intimate skin in mind.
All Vagisil Wipes are especially designed for the unique needs of intimate skin, gynaecologist tested and gentle enough for daily use.

And did you know that intimate itch can be caused by many things such as perspiration, your period, some detergents and intimacy? Only Vagisil Itch Relief Intimate Wipes give fast comforting relief from itch while also creating a protective barrier to help prevent further itch and irritation.

12 individually wrapped disposable wipes. Do not flush.
Now you can feel protected and comfortable all day long.

  • Contains a natural antibacterial tea tree oil
  • Enriched with a skin soothing botanical blend of oatmeal, calendula, and chamomile
  • pH balanced
  • No colours or added parabens
  • Gentle enough for daily use

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Vagisil Medicated Cream
Itch Wipes
pH Balance Wash
Fast relief from itch, burning and irritation  
Fortifies the skin’s natural defenses
Internal or External Use External External External
Daily use Repeat as needed 3-4 times daily – seek medical advice if symptoms continue for more than 1 week
Perfect for on-the-go
pH balanced
Suitable for ages 12yrs + 12yrs + 12yrs +

In The Know


If you have a vagina, you’ve probably felt itchy in that area at some point in your life. Vaginal itch is so common, in fact, women experience it more often than the common cold. And as you may know, itch isn’t a one-size-fits-all sensation. The feeling ranges from slightly bothersome to very irritating to OMG-my-vagina’s-on-fire. Needless to say, we’re of the mind that vaginal itch is less of a dirty little secret and more of a shared experience of womanhood. However, when itch does happen, it’s important to know what may be causing it so you can get relief.